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Bone was born Bandile Maphalala, in a small town situated in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains called Bergville in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. At the age of 12 he then moved with his mom to Durban to join his father in the city. Surprisingly, Bone started in the entertainment industry as a dancer. Even more surprising is the fact that he was a Pantsula dancer – a founding member of the Pantsula group AmaRiffifi, the crew left a mark in the local dance scene in the early 2000s. Whilst dancing, he was inspired by the ghetto reality and rags to riches raps of Hiphop. The likes of 50Cent made a big impression.

His shift to music started with producing beats and when AmaRaffifi members decided to pursue individual careers, he then began composing his rap music.

It has been a long road from Bone the dancer, known to break his bones on stage to Dr. Bone the emcee – known to split the crowd like Moses did the Red Sea.

Dr. Bone is currently busy on his 12 track untitled debut album that is scheduled to be released in the next few months. The album features material that Bone has been working on for a past few years. Production is done by a friend and a prolific producer Nkocy Gasa. Nkocy is the brains behind the banger “Fak’umoya” and is responsible for over half of the production on the album.

The album is diverse and reminiscent of the early years of Hiphop. It is gritty, honest and a reflection of a young man’s aspirations to lift himself up. It has a sense of spiritually that is rare in the Hiphop scene of the present. From “Fak’umoya” to the deeply soulful “Vukani”, you get the sense of who this offspring from the Maphalala clan is. There are few that can match the honesty and grit that Bone approaches every song in this chapter of his life.

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Best Vernacular Hip-hop Winner

Our Products/Services
Lindelani (Album)
Debut album by Dr. Bone under Warner Music.
Lindelani (Single)
Single featuring Nigerian emcee Eva (off the album Lindelani)
Noma Bengakhuluma
Single featuring iNdidane (off the album Lindelani)


AMCORDAM Music Festival
Date: 27 December 2016 Venue: Newscastle Time (Gates Open): 9am Entrance: R200 (General), R650 (VIP)
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