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Sandile Gaba (aka Gaba) is an emcee from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. A child of the 90s, he was born in Cator Manor, Mayville – uMkhumbane (the Sophiatown of Durban). The soul of KwaZulu-Natal where cultures met and music dominated in the early 60s and 70s – the home to greats like Alfred Nokwe.

It is no coincidence that Gaba chose the path he chose and Hiphop became an outlet for what he has seen and heard growing up eMkhumbane.

In the age of turn-up and all things shiny, Gaba has kept a level head for a young man in his early twenties – choosing to educate and spread consciousness through his music. The love for his people led him to discover more about who he is and where he comes from. Through music, he has learnt that he can fight ignorance and promote “love, peace and understanding” – to quote the great Bob Marley.

Gaba was introduced to Hiphop during his early years in high school and the romance has lasted over a decade. “Hiphop has been good to me” Gaba explains. “I have been in the scene for years. I released my mix-tape late 2014, which I promoted for most of 2015. I have also collaborated and worked with a number of producers and other emcees all over Durban.”

Gaba and his number one collaborator (the highly gifted producer/emcee O.B.) have worked on a number of ideas, concepts and songs that will make it to his full-length album coming in 2017.

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KZN Music Imbizo 2015 Showcase Winner
Gaba won R10 000.00 as part of the KZN Music Imbizo day showcases in 2015 through his live performance. He was competing with over 20 musicians for the prize.
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Sthupha Sakho
Single from his up coming album.


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