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Talente is a musician that chooses to express himself through the Hiphop culture. He chose the most expressive of the Hiphop elements – Emceeing.

His roots are in the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, in a township called Gamalakhe where he was born and raised. A prolific storyteller who is born with the gift of song, he dabbled in a number of genres – from Schathamiya, Gospel to Afro-Pop in his early days.

This is until he got attracted to the raw honesty and attitude that is in Hiphop. In 2007, he was part of a Hiphop group – Izingangamela. They ruled over the South Coast for two years before he eventually started writing and recording his solo material.

“I was bringing years of what I learnt into one and sort of building an identify of the artist I want to be … a storytelling, raw lyrical emcee. I wanted to be the emcee that the OGs will respect and the new school will relate to whilst introducing myself – Talente”

A few community radio stations picked up his music. The giant UKhozi FM (with over 7 million listeners) gave him a chance to talk about his music. Gagasi FM also picked one of his songs for a Hiphop show with Ninja X and DJ Lab.

Fast forward to 2016, after years of sparring in the ciphers all over the country … from Gamalakhe to Soweto – Talente is ready.

The kid from Gamalakhe wants Africa and the rest of the world to know his sound. His first single called Ngvuseleni is off the yet untitled album that is to be released in 2017. Ngvuseleni is an emotional song that many can relate to. The lead guitar and the gloomy keys are something unusual in Hiphop. The technic and lyrics are something of legends – Tumi (of Tumi and The Volumes) would be proud. If anything else, this single is a sign of better things to come out of “le ntwana yaseGamalakhe”.

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