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Our Story

What is Kumisa?

KwaZulu-Natal United Music Industry Association (KUMISA), is a non-profit, provincial music industry cluster that was established in 2009, under section 21 of the Companies Act. With a charter to build business opportunities for musicians, technologists and music industry practitioners, KUMISA brings together individual skills and information to collaboratively develop new products or services to serve and represent the interests of the music industry in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), nationally and internationally.


Our Vision

Promote, Protect and Invest in the growth and diversity of a sustainable and viable KZN Music Industry


Our Mission

KUMISA is committed to the growth and development of the of business of music across the province of KwaZulu-Natal for all the music industry value chain activities, with the aim of the industry becoming a formidable GDP contributor in the future.



  • To support and accelerate the development of a financially viable and sustainable industry

  • To facilitate, promote and package KZN music for global market accessibility

  • To develop and facilitate access to digital and new media technologies

  • To improve skills levels, business capacity, and support for SMMEs

  • To promote networking and communication between music industry professionals

  • To protect, promote and advocate for the rights of music industry practitioners

  • To prioritize research and development of the music industry

  • To prioritize the preservation and promotion of indigenous KZN music


Kumisa Programs


Knowledge & Skill Transfer

  • Publishing Master Classes

  • Artist Management Master Classes

  • District Roadshows


Entrepreneur / Business Development

  • KUMISA Music Business Incubator

  • Music Business Masterclass

Music Industry Readiness Assistance

  • KUMISA Industry Night

  • MUSIC MARKETS (e.g. The Music Imbizo, MOSHITO, Doadoa, Festival Kreol, BIMC, etc)

KZN Music Industry Forums

  • KZN Music Producers

  • Forum KZN Legends Forum

  • Production, Events & Venue Forum

  • Copyright, Performance and Distribution

  • KUMISA Music Brunch


Are you looking for new and exciting opportunities in the Music Industry ?  Let's connect.

031 201 1731

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