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KUMISA Music Brunch

  • Through the Music Business Brunch program, we promote economic growth in the South African music industry by focusing on factors that define modern economies, such as human resources, physical capital, natural resources, and technology, as the supply chain is a dominant factor in an industry's success.

  • As such, the KUMISA Music Brunch brings together industry leaders who are involved in the music supply chain as well as decision-makers in the creative, content, and commerce communities across South Africa.

  • In the program, they meet annually to discuss and analyse the microeconomic and macroeconomic trends of the South African music industry, enabling them to gauge the future of the music business considering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as build relationships that will guide the industry for many years to come due to the complexity of the modern-day music business which is rife with legalities and unhealthy competition in terms of revenue generation.

  • Therefore, this platform provides KUMISA the opportunity to lobby and advocate for its members, who are the music industry community of KwaZulu-Natal, so they can take advantage of the benefits the local music industry provides when the ecosystem is functioning well.

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