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KUMISA’s values

  • Promote: KUMISA believes that the services and products of the KZN music industry should be afforded more platforms to promote and showcase their work. KUMISA will adopt a multi-faceted approach to promoting the KZN music industry.

  • Protect: KUMISA believes that rights of music practitioners can be best promoted through education about and promotion of best practise with regard to intellectual property law compliance and the regulation of performance platforms through an industry accreditation system of basic standards.

  • Invest: KUMISA aims to prioritise workshops and seminars, encourage the development of a music precinct, music festivals and live music venues and lobby stakeholders to invest funds at the same.


KUMISA’s short-term goals are to:

  • Recruit members from across KZN.

  • Keep our members informed of current affairs and relevant opportunities within the music industry.

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer between members.

KUMISA’s long-term goals are to:

  • Engage in dialogue with government regarding policy and development of music;

  • Represent the business interests of all musical endeavours;

  • Map the music industry in KZN on an annual basis to estimate its economic value and establish a benchmark;
    Improve infrastructure;

  • Regulate the industry with specific reference to live performance and air play on radio;

  • Work with copyright protection societies to ensure consistent distribution of royalties.

KUMISA members’ benefits

  • Strength in Numbers: Lobbying on your behalf with policymakers;

  • Access to information: Key information at the right time. Regular updates on news, industry issues, events and business opportunities;

  • Workshops and seminars: Increased professional expertise and skills of the music industry;

  • Profile on the KUMISA website: Promote yourself and expand your network;

  • Listing on KUMISA website industry directory: Make yourself visible to potential clients.

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