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Music Industry Readiness Assistance

KUMISA Industry Night

  • KUMISA Industry Night is a platform created by KUMISA for “Industry ready” emerging artists in the KZN province to showcase and expose their unique talents exclusively to a variety of local music industry stakeholders. The event supports local emerging artists who are ready for the next phase of their music careers with some already enjoying a strong local fan base within the KZN province.

  • The main objective of the event is to provide an enabling platform for local industry-ready musicians who have built their profiles and increased their fanbase independently with little or no support.

  • Once selected, the musicians must make an impression to the music industry decision-makers in the audience by performing live to galvanize them to pledge a service or product that will accelerate their music career.

  • Opportunities for the selected musicians include a recording deal, performance booking, media profiling, touring opportunities, funding, professional music and video recording.


Music Market Support

  • One of KUMISA's primary goals is to educate, empower, inform and create opportunities for its members across the music industry in KZN; therefore, it has strategically aligned itself with a variety of music conferences in order to facilitate learning, music market access and opportunities of doing business with key music industry decision makers worldwide.

Furthermore, KUMISA created the music market support platform primarily to assist its members in meeting and networking with relevant musicians at relevant music conferences and to generate business leads for their respective companies.

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