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Entrepreneur / Business Development

​KUMISA Music Business Incubator

  • KUMISA has partnered with the Black Umbrellas to assist KZN-based music businesses with Business Development Support.

  • KUMISA's partnership with Black Umbrellas aims to create pathways for qualifying businesses to gain meaningful access to procurement, finance, networks, and facilitated access to these resources.

  • Furthermore, KUMISA will be able to develop the qualifying music businesses to the point where supply chain and finance readiness is achieved through the Enterprise Development (ED) component of the program.


KUMISA 1st Thursday

  • This program aims to equip music business owners across the value chain with the essential skills and knowledge to take their businesses to greater heights.

  • Taking place on the first Thursday of every month, the program inspires KZN music practitioners to:

  • Understand the roles of Music Creators (i.e. Composer, Author, Performer, Arranger, Session Musician, etc.),

  • Understand the roles of Music Enablers (i.e. Record Label, Music Publishers, Artist Managers, Publicists, Booking Agents, etc.),

  • Understand the roles of Music Revealers (i.e. Retailers, Media, Social Networks, Music Venues, Digital Aggregators, etc.),

  • Understand the roles of Music Facilitators (i.e. KUMISA, RISA, SAMRO, SAMPRA, CAPASSO, AIRCO, Music Markets, Music Educational Institutions, Government / Municipal Institutions, etc.),

  • Understand Basic Music Contracts, and

  • Maintain financial budgets, records and develop business plans,


  • Developing the capacity of KZN Music professionals is key to the growth and development of the music sector and must be prioritized accordingly through the monthly music business workshops.

  • Members who attend the compulsory music workshop are eligible to participate in the KUMISA Music Industry 1 on 1 Tuesday Sessions.


KUMISA Music Industry 1 on 1 Tuesday Sessions

  • The KUMISA Music Industry 1 on 1 Tuesday Sessions offer long-term, customised individual support for emerging and established musicians and music business practitioners who seek customised industry solutions, including individualised music business coaching and mentoring.

  • The meetings take place every Tuesday between 9 am and 1 pm, where a KUMISA official devotes an hour to guiding musicians and music industry professionals on their vision, growth, and business goals while also prioritising strategies to help them grow in their personal music career and business.

  •  Additionally, a meeting takes place by form of teleconference at the cost of KUMISA for KZN members who are unable to hold the session at the KUMISA office. The one-on-one sessions provide KUMISA members with an intimate step by step approach to solving their industry queries or issues, encouraging a culture where they learn to do things for themselves through personal experience.

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